Multiple Comparison Analysis

Do you need to compare expression data across multiple datasets? Our Multi Comparison Analysis is designed to give you a better understanding of your data.

This solution is for those who have either purchased several analyzes through us and want to compare data between them. Or if you have several datasets that you need to get analyzed and make a multiple comparison hereof.

We must at least have two datasets. In addition, there is no upper limit on how many datasets we can process.


Please contact us for a non-binding offer:

Phone: (+45) 71116050

Our offer depends on your final need, why we want to advise you in advance. Typically, you will get the Multiple Comparison analysis, and if needed you will also get an analysis for each dataset which includes the following:

  • Correlation Analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Ward- and K-Means Clustering
  • A variety of Statistical test
  • Jackknife resampling
  • Bioinformatics*

Also including:

  • Various transformed- and analyzed versions of data
  • Vector based illustrations
  • All results described
*The bioinformatics will only be added if there is a sufficient data foundation for this.