Advanced Data Analysis

1,995.00 excl. VAT

This solution is designed for you who need an in-depth analysis of your own expression data, including bioinformatics.

The Analysis consist of:

  • Correlation Analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Ward- and K-Means Clustering
  • A variety of Statistical test
  • Jackknife resampling
  • Bioinformatics

Also included:

  • Various transformed- and analyzed versions of data
  • Vector based illustrations
  • All results described
  • Bioinformatics Guarantee*


*Bioinformatics Guarantee

It is only possible to create a bioinformatics analysis if sufficient data. Our guarantee ensures that you do not pay for anything you do not receive. Thus, we downgrade (and repay the difference) to a Basic Data Analysis if the data foundation is not present.

Upload of your data

In the checkout you can upload one dataset to the order. We currently support the following formats:

.txt, .csv, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xls, .xml

At the bottom of the description you can see a video on how to upload your file (skip to 1:17).


We strive to deliver your analysis within 7 workdays. It might be necessary to add further time if the structure of your data set differs significantly from what we are using – but in this case you will be contacted.

Your analysis will be sent in a downloadable compressed file to the email address used to place the
order. If you need a software to open the compressed file, we recommend using the ‘free to use’

A guide of how to order a data analysis: